We do take walk-ins! If you are experiencing problems with your home computer, laptop, home network, or anything technology related, we would be ecstatic to help. Just give us a call, e-mail, or stop by our office. Come in for a free consultation!


Viruses happen, we get it. Whether it was a shiny ad that caught your ad, or clicked on a fraudulent email, all computers are prone to viruses…even the Apple/Mac users. We can help you remove anything slowing your computer down and make it feel new.


Are your computer parts failing on you? Most parts to a computer can be replaced or upgraded for a lot less than buying a new PC. Bring us your computer and we can replace everything from hard drives, RAM, and other parts to keep your PC running smooth. 


Something not quite right with your computer but not sure what? Let us help you solve the problem and diagnose the problem for you. Maybe it's a virus, maybe it's hardware failure, whatever the issue we'll figure it out and give you the best repair option. 


After some time, you will notice your computer just isn't as fast as it was the day you brought it home. Whether a RAM upgrade, or clearing unused programs and files, we can help speed things up.


Need your files and data moved? Whether you're transferring everything to a new computer, copying a hard drive, or upgrading your drives, we can help transfer your data so everything is just as you remembered it. 


Whether you are buying or building a new computer, we can help you get it set up and running. Maybe you need a multi-monitor setup or tweaks to your current PC that you're building. No matter the setup, we can help.